I buy and sell just about anything Playboy related. This site is a compilation of items I have acquired and sold over the years, many of which are still in my collection. Feel free to comment or ask any questions I will answer to the best of my knowledge.  People over the years have asked if certain items are for sale I always reply everything is for sale If the price is right. I do often list items on E-bay and am currently looking into etsy. Thanks for checking out my site and enjoy! You can check out my current listings on e-bay at the following link:      http://www.ebay.com/usr/hotrodpauly

For those of you leaving comments please be aware they do not post automatically They must be approved by admin and this usually takes a day.  This is because of the large amounts of spam comments I receive If you have items you don’t see here and would like to I started a user submission area. Please send pictures and description along with how you would like it credited to you to paulsorensen@playboymuseum.com

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  1. I have a hardhat from the Atlantic City Casino/club that never opened. Do you have an idea as to what it might be worth? Perfect condition. It says “Topping out ceremony – August 6, 1980”. Bought it a a garage sale when the Playboy warehouse was sold in 1992. Looks just like the one when I look at your club page.Thanks.

    1. I also have one check out the Atlantic City in the clubs area The casino was open from 80-83 there is more info on the picture if you pull up the picture page I sold one about 3 years for for 50.00 and would estimate it at about 100.00 now.

  2. I have a straw hat from the lake geneva playboy club closed in the 70’s. It says. Federated Cash Management systems on the leather band around it would you be interested if so I can email a photo

    1. I would not be interested, but thank you for the offer enjoy it or sell it you may be able to get a decent amount for it depending on what it looks like.
      Thanks Paul

  3. Hi, my wife was a bunny at the Chicago club in 1980. She was one of the bunny’s (Bunny Liz) in the Great Bunny Race that opened Arlington Park that year. She was in the “happenings at Playboy” section for the race in the Oct 1980 issue. It was a special year as it was the 20th anniversary of the club and the tail end of the 25th anniversary of the magazine. I remember she wore an all silver bunny outfit for a time. Just wondering if there’s any pics or memorabilia from that specific year. She did a TV commercial for the race but we didn’t have a VCR in those days to save for posterity. Her’s was a great one as the horse she was with winked at the camera. Anyway, great site, just looking for momentos from her time at the club. Thanks

  4. I recently found a key that has M 38960 on the back and I’ve been trying to find what city this key used to be from, or what year it was made. Hoping you can help because the internet is giving me no answers.

    1. Many People believe Miami or Montreal, but my research points to Ohio, Cincinnati Club. I am still trying to pin point positive proof to the M and F key locations.
      Thanks Paul

  5. I found my dad’s playboy club key but I can’t figure out what city it’s from. It starts with a “W” on the back. Can you please help?

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