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If you have a rare or unusual Playboy Item or just something you just don’t see here Let me know and if you would like to see your item here and e-mail me at Please include Your name at least two pictures and some information or history about the item or items. Please do not take pictures from other websites and send them!! Please limit to what is in Your collection Only.


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  1. my grandfather was a front gate security guard at the lake geneva playboy club in the late 60’s and early 70’s. i have a restaurant “cutting board” menu similar to your bar menu, 2 1969 playboy picnic mugs with black bunny stirs, and a 5’x8′ playboy flag from the front entrance. if you send me an email address i’d be pleased to send you photos. great site you have going!

    1. Thanks appreciate the complement my E-mail Is would love to see those pictures I also have one of the large flags just haven’t gotten around to posting pictures yet. This is just my hobby site and haven’t been able to update as often as I would like, enjoy the site, updates coming after this weekend

  2. In the early 1960’s I purchased a Playboy Club Membership from the Chicago club. I believe it was the only club at that time. I recently found the metal key among some old personal items. On the back of the key appears NO. 30959
    I believe it originally had black paint on it, but none remains. Can you tell me anything about it or its value?

    1. The value of keys is currently high right now due to amazon mini series has sparked the interest of many. The condition is always a factor, mainly if the chrome has worn down to the brass and the number high/low so value would be between 50-120 USD if back says NO 30959 if it is C 30959 it could bring more.

  3. i have a jan 1988 issue of playboy where pages 165-180 are upsidedown and backwards….pages go from 164 to 180 (upsidedown) then 180 to 165 then page 181 back to normal. is this issue valuable, how many were misprinted like this ?

  4. Hello, I have 2 different printing plates that appear to be brass/copper. They were given to my father from a buddy he served with. They are each labeled 1/4 and 3/4. I’m trying to find some info in them.

  5. That’s my mum (the brunette) on the 9th row. Her name was Susan (bunny name Zee) and she worked at the Manchester club and subsequently in various locations around the world in the 70s.

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