Yellow Playboy Club Femlin Ashtray



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  1. I have been scouring the net trying to find a pic or reference to a specific Playboy 25th Anniversary ashtray.

    It is the rounded edge square (such as the orange one depicted in the center of the above photos), on white background with medium brown characterization of the bunny on the 25.

    I brought this back from London in 1981 and ran across it recently in a box of old stuff.

    Just wondering if anyone else has seen one like it, because I can’t locate it anywhere online (but I’m still searching).


  2. I have what must be a prototype or very early Playboy ashtray.
    Manufactued by the New York Novelty Glass Co, it features the first incarnation of the palyboy bunny as a brass firgure placed at the edge of the glass ashtray. The ashtray is yellow with white marbling . I have not seen any version of this on many related sites. Anything you can tell me about this itemwould be appreciated. The brass bunny is unique in its’ own right as this did not last long as the company mascot.

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