Playboy membership Keys high and low numbers when possible almost complete collection.

Keys were used just like a credit card you would use in the clubs for purchases such as drinks,  souvenirs, or shows and you would be billed though the mail at a later date.

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    1. I don’t see those books very often and do not have one in my collection so my information on the books is limited. I would love to see a few photos.

  1. I have a NY key with 4 digits running horizontally across the bow (behind the rabbit head). What is the difference between this key and others from NY that instead have 5 digits running up the side of the shaft? I’d love to know. Thanks!

    1. Other than the obvious the lower the number the earlier the member not much else. I think maybe the early ones were stamped at the club and given to the new member in the same week as the lower numbered keys are actually thinner and easier to stamp numbers in than keys with the stamp on the blade of the key.

    2. Hi, I don’t know if you ever got an answer to this but those numbers were given out numerically so since yours is only 4 digits, your membership key would have been received prior to any of those in the 5 digits. I have a NY 8854 key which is considered a ‘low number’ in the grand scheme of things because the highest I have seen a NY key go is 76,359 and that is just what I have seen so it could be much higher than that but I have no way of verifying without Playboy’s backend information on club memberships to know what the maximums were for each location of Playboy Club before they had switched over to membership cards in 1966.

  2. My dad had a key to the New York club – is there a way to look it up? He has been gone a long time just curious as to the number. Would he have had to turn it in?

    1. There is no way to look up what number he had unless you can find an old bill or some type of statement the number is usually on that also he would not have had to turn it in.

    1. Of course but all depends on condition and any paperwork you may have associated with it Ex: original packaging old paper bill/invoice but keys alone usually sell between 25-40 USD.

      1. 25-40 was a reasonable expectation prior to Hugh Heffner’s death. Now the market has grown to an average of about $150 per key in good shape.

    1. Even if you have the number the chance of finding the exact one is slim to none. send me the number if you have it and I will see if I ever had I have a list of all keys I once owned and restored. Thanks Paul

  3. I’ve just found a playboy key in my deceased parent’s things with LA 35618 on the back. I know the club was in Los Angeles, but I’m curious if this key belonged to my father or someone else. Is there way to find out the members name?

    1. Unfortunately there is no know database available It probably was his, but best way to verify would be an old bill or receipt if he was a business man maybe old tax records may include an old Membership bill as it would have been a tax write off.

  4. I have a key which is engraved on the back – not stamped. It says:

    NY – 71232

    It also is engraved “1960” above that.

    Can you shed any light on that? Thanks!

  5. What was the letter “code” for Cincinnati? C on a key would probably be for Chicago but I live in Cincinnati and wondered what their keys were.

    1. I am unsure but many keys I have purchased in Ohio have the letter M designation many have thought M was Montreal or Miami but I am currently leaning to Cincinnati or Ohio in General.

  6. I have a key with the serial number “NO 52985” Any chance of what club this was from? The person I bought it from said he got it as a 21st birthday present in 1964 and it was to the Chicago club. Can you verify this info? Thanks!

  7. I recently came across a playboy key with LA 18185 engraved on back. Any history on this key appreciated. I’ve done some research and the entire key idea was pretty interesting.

  8. Hello, going through a box of my dad’s things, no surprise to find a playboy key. It is engraved DE 20175, I’m wondering, is it Detroit? Or could it be Denver? Not sure if there even was a club in Denver, but we lived in a Detroit suberb but he went to the Denver area often. Thank you for any information. This will likely be my inheritance. ?

  9. I was a club GM and have a Presidential Key with the letters “VIP” after the charge number. Will this add to its value?

  10. Hi! I have my dads key F 20374. I think he got it in Atlanta, but I’m not sure. What’s the designation for F? Thanks!

  11. This information is very helpful thank you.
    I found a key that states W 409 on the back. I originally thought it was for Los Angeles or Playboy West. Do you think it is from another state or Los Angeles?
    Thank you.

    1. Glad to hear that I also am learning more about Playboy all the time and enjoy sharing the information I an able to find.
      Enjoy, Paul

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