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  1. I have a vintage playboy bunny pagent reel to reel film from 1974 , from the st. Louis playboy club. and was wondering if you could help me figure out what its worth?

    1. Those old films are very cool part of history you should see about preserving it and having a copy put digital. They are increasingly hard to come by and very fragile.
      I would love to see it.

  2. I have some questions concerning these cards. These were made by Tom Bonner who was a friend of mine out of Phillipsburg Missouri. He passed away a while back. I am sitting on quite a few of the cards. I also have the price guides and some of the templates for making them. Among the cards is also Hugh hefner card. I am trying to get idea of what they are worth. He also gave me photographs of playmates including Anna nicole smith which are the originals

    1. They are great cards and would probably sell great especially if you could customize them for someone as for the value I have no idea what either would go for send me a few photos my e-mail is paulsorensen@playboymuseum.com I may want a card for myself. and not sure on the price guides as they are outdated. I believe I have one.
      Thanks Paul

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