Chicago Playboy Club Coat Check


Opened February 29, 1960
116 E. Walton Street   Chicago, Il
Playboy Towers Opened November 1, 1970
163 East Walton Place    Chicago, Il 60611 Feb 29, 1960 – March 1972
New Playboy Club Opened 1972 around the corner from the Towers at 919 N Michigan Ave.   Chicago, Il 60611 (Playboy Building) March 1972
1960 N Lincoln Park West  Chicago, Il    Sept 1980 – June 1986
Closed June 1, 1986





2 thoughts on “Chicago”

  1. I have a friend who’s father has died. The family has entire years of Playboy magazines neatly stacked and bound with cord dating back to the 1970s. There are even special additions. Would the museum be interested in looking at the collection to buy? Could you direct them to someone/some place that would want this collection?

    LeEllen Blackstone

    1. Sorry I would not be interested, we have magazines coming out our ears at the moment. Craig’s list or apps like offer up and let go are good options as large collections are easier to sell local because of size and weight.

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