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Current updates

Now Have 3/4 of my collection posted still have some large pieces to post Keys and other categories updated Yesterday 15 May 2014.


I’m just starting my updates I only have a quarter of my items of Playboy Club Items as of now 14 May2014 on the site. If you want more pics or details of items currently on the site let me know and I’ll update them also. Thanks again for visiting and look forward to updates soon.

Welcome to my site

I buy and sell just about anything Playboy related. This site is a compilation of items I have acquired and sold over the years, many of which are still in my collection. Feel free to comment or ask any questions I will answer to the best of my knowledge.  People over the years have asked if certain items are for sale I always reply everything is for sale If the price is right. I do often list items on E-bay and am currently looking into etsy. Thanks for checking out my site and enjoy! You can check out my current listings on e-bay at the following link: